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Hi! My name is Kiva and I am so glad you’re here at Love and the Word!

My prayer for this blog is that something I say gives you a “heart-spark.” 🙂 That’s the term I use for when you hear something that directly speaks to you. 

You know that feeling I’m talking about? It’s as if your heart skips a beat and then double jumps on top of itself.

This is what I hope to do throughout my stories, teachings and down-to-earth counsel in this blog. I hope I say something that sparks your heart. I hope to bring a thought to your mind that God can speak to you through.

This is how my faith has grown over the years. I would hear someone say something or I’d read a verse in the bible and my heart would start racing. Every time I experienced it I knew that God was speaking to me on that particular subject.

God becomes real when we hear His voice!

 I got saved when I was a child but fell in love with the bible in my early 20s. I absolutely love the Word of God and have a passion for teaching others the incredible freedom it brings. I can promise you, I would not be who I am without the bible- it has truly saved my life.

I love to laugh. I’m crazy obsessed with my husband and my cats. I eat way too much chocolate and can’t get enough lattes. My morning time with God means everything to me and I love country music.

I hope you enjoy what you read!

Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile. I pray God blesses you abundantly!