What does “YOLO” mean to you?

What does “YOLO” mean to you?

Contrary to what many other religions teach and people believe- we only have one chance at life on earth. I’m no expert in this subject because I’ve only lived 30 years but I think I have a pretty good idea of how this whole thing works. Life is a journey. It’s linear- moving us down a timeline from our birth to our death. And although life includes many challenges, I believe it really is the most incredible gift, aside from salvation, that God gives us.

The bible says that there is an enemy out to steal, kill and destroy our lives. And that is exactly why God sent Jesus to save us. He came so that we could have the opportunity to experience a life filled with joy.

So since it’s something that only happens one time…YOLO means this this me:

“You only live once…so learn to enjoy it!”

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