How Are Apples And Oranges Supposed To Be Compared?

How are apples and oranges supposed to be compared?

This is how you compare apples and oranges. You look at the obvious similarities. Both are round, both are fruit, both taste sweet, both have skin, both grow on trees and both taste good in a fruit salad.

But in spite of these visual similarities, apples and oranges are actually more different than they are alike.

One bruises easily, one does not.

One tends to be firm, one is mostly soft and squishy.

One has pulp, one has seeds.

One always has a leftover stem, and the other rarely does.

And lastly, one is loved with peanut butter and one is not.

But to me, the most interesting difference between apples and oranges is that an orange can detach itself from it’s skin with the smallest amount of help.

Hmm…this last point has me thinking…An orange has the ability to peel itself away from it’s outer shell with virtually no force. An apple’s skin, on the other hand, has to be cut off manually.

This “fruit fact” reminds me of God.

God can use us like an orange. With his gentle guidance he can peel back our layers to get to our heart. He wants to detach us from the world, from our appearance, our circumstances and surroundings to teach us how to focus in on who we are in Christ. He wants us to experience who He created us to be on the inside.

It may sound weird to you that I thought of God when I thought about comparing apples and oranges but that’s just how my brain works. 🙂

So there ya have it! Apples and oranges- a comparison. 



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