50th blog post

About 6 years ago my husband and I took a detour in France on the way to his brother’s wedding in Norway. On that trip, I felt God place this blog on my heart. I was sitting on a train heading from one town to the next when I felt the push.

Why don’t you start writing again? I thought I heard Him say.

Hmm…Who would read it? I asked back.

I got no answer.

One of my favorite bible teachers recently said that she hasn’t heard from God in years. This woman has devoted her entire life to public ministry- but she admitted that God rarely, if ever, speaks to her about her ministry anymore. After this confession, she said something that resonated so deeply with me. She said that sometimes God stops talking after he tells you what to do because He wants you to just keep doing it.

Our culture is obsessed with obtaining “the next big thing.” And the enemy loves to bait us into feeling stagnant, stuck, and restless. He wants us to get antsy when progression takes longer than we hoped. He wants us to feel stuck when really God’s allowing us to get rooted. So the enemy will often distract us with questions like these.

Am I still in God’s will?

Is this even working?

Will I ever see the fruit of my labor?

Yes, sometimes a season ends and God is ready to take you into the next thing. But often it’s not all about the next ministry we should get involved in. The next job we should take. What place we feel we just need to go. And what decision we are desperate to make. Sometimes God just wants us to keep doing what we’re doing right now. The thing He told us to do back then and we obeyed.

For me with this blog, it’s to keep writing. Keep putting my words out there. To obey Him. To grow spiritually. And maybe spark something in a few readers here and there.

So in honor of all of that, today is my 50th blog post. Which to me means that I’ve written 50 short stories / bible teachings / musings on life and love and loss. Thanks for joining me and supporting me as I press forward in obedience.

xo, Kiva

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