5 Benefits of Being a Woman Who Fears God


This month I’m going to do something special! ūüôā

Instead of writing a¬†topical post¬†I’m going to kick off March with a series.

Like many of you, at times reading the bible is overwhelming and confusing to me.

(Here is an example of a conversation I often have with myself…)

How do you pronounce the name of that city? The brother of that guy is who, now?

What is a yoke? I’m so lost


It’s easy to get overwhelmed. The bible is an enormous history¬†book as well as a personal love letter to us. It is filled with cold hard facts, secret insights that only God can reveal, and a chronological timeline that can be confusing to know in working¬†order.

However, putting that all aside, there are simple truths in the Word that each of us can understand¬†if we take the time to really study it. Sometimes you must break something apart to grasp¬†it’s full meaning. So that’s what we’re going to do this March. Today I’m starting with a few verses in Psalm 25. This entire Psalm is incredible. I encourage you to read all 22 verses. But today we’re going to dive deep into the middle section, verses 12-14. Let’s take a closer look and see what God says about a woman who fears Him.

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Psalm 25:12-14

“Who is the man (woman) who reverently fears and worships the Lord? God will teach her in the way that He would choose. She herself shall dwell at ease and her offspring shall inherit the land. She has¬†secret companionship with¬†the Lord because she fears Him, and He shows her His covenant and reveals its deep inner meaning.”

Let’s break this apart together. These verses contain 3 sentences but I can see 5 truths in there. There are 5 benefits¬†available to any woman who fears God.

First, let’s touch on the term:¬†“The fear of God.” This subject is so complex¬†and honestly I do not have all the answers or insights into what this fully means. But I do know some simple truths that God wants us to learn from His word on what the “fear of the Lord” is. Please take time to read the verses below on what the bible says about this subject. But for now, if I can summarize it correctly…The fear of the Lord means we respect God, honor God, obey God and¬†acknowledge¬†God’s unlimited power, authority¬†and¬†sovereignty¬†in our lives.

Yes- that is huge. I know- that sounds overwhelming.

But don’t be afraid.¬†Remember that you are God’s daughter and He only asks us to fear Him for our own benefit.

5 Benefits of Being a Woman Who Fears God

1) She is taught by God 

A woman who fears the Lord is taught by God in the way He would choose. What an incredible promise. God will teach us, show us, and guide us through His Word as we stand in awe of Him.

2) She lives at ease

A woman who fears the Lord is given peace through trusting Him. When we surrender¬†everything to God and completely trust His sovereignty, we are able to live a life at ease. To me, a life at ease is displayed in a confidence no one can shake. It’s a peace-filled heart. A mind at rest.¬†

3) Her offspring are blessed

A woman who fears God is also promised that her children will inherit the land! This means that they will be blessed and taken care of by God.

4) She has deep friendship with God

A woman who fears God gets to have a deep friendship with Him. By respecting God’s authority in your life you can count on Him as your most trusted ally. He will always be there for you. Unlike people, God is completely dependable, reliable, and consistent.¬†We must remember to look to God not only with honor and respect but also with friendship. He’s always available¬†to listen, provide advice through His Word and answer you when you call.

5) God reveals Himself to her

“God shows her His covenant and reveals its deep, inner meaning.” Wow. This is why my blog is titled Love & the Word. The Word is everything. Like I mentioned above, it is true- the bible is a historical book filled with literal facts. But even more incredible than that is the truth that this book holds treasures that you cannot find by just reading it alone. By prayerful studying, talking with God, and meditating on the Word- God can make these pages come alive. No other book on earth holds that kind of power.

So there we have it! 5 benefits came out of 3 sentences! This is why I love studying the bible. There is so much enlightenment when we realize what the Word actually says.

In a world where everything seems fleeting¬†the Word¬†will never change. If it’s been awhile since you’ve cracked open your bible- go grab it right now! Pick a verse in the book of Psalms- write it out, jot down any insights you learn and watch God fill you with faith.

//Lord, thank you for your Word. Help us to be women who stand in complete awe of you.

Here are 3 more verses on the subject of the “Fear of the Lord.” Check them out and ask God to speak to¬†you!

1. Psalm 1:7 

2. Ecclesiastes 12:13

3. Psalm 33:8  


Sara Harris
Reply March 16, 2017

I love this post Kiva! Thinking about all the promises you mentioned when we spend time with God puts everything in perspective. I woke up this morning feeling rushed and anxious and like I had no time to spend with Him. I did it anyway and came across your blog post. I felt peace beyond the chaos and was able to decide what is truly important. Thank you for the reminder!

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