2016 Blessings Jar Reveal

Hey there!

Well, here we are! 2017 is in full swing and I’m so excited to see what God will do this year.

But before we dive into it, my hubby and I never start a new year without going through our previous year’s Blessings Jar! Man, oh man, it is always so much fun to read all the ways God has blessed us the last 12 months. I truly believe that if we didn’t write most of these things down we would not remember all He has done. The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the next thing you know the calendar flips and it’s a brand new year. If we don’t stop and acknowledge God’s goodness and faithfulness we can easily forget all He’s given us.

So what are you waiting for? Take five minutes and make a Blessings Jar for you and your family. I have a quick and easy tutorial on how to do it right here!

I want to mention that I write down blessings of all shapes and sizes. My 2016 jar was filled with big stuff and small stuff. I wrote down when I found $5 in my jeans as well as when I received a personal breakthrough.

This is the beauty of God. He sprinkles our year with big and small gifts.

One blessing this last year was so astounding that I covered my face with my hands and burst into tears the moment it happened. Other blessings in 2016 made a quiet smile glide across my heart. See, here’s the amazing thing…every gift is good because every gift is from God.  (James 1:17)

I want to encourage you again to make a Blessings Jar for 2017. Write down the good things that happen throughout the year. When we focus on the goodness of God it is way easier to fight fear! The blessings of our past remind us that since He’s been there for us before, He will totally show up for us again! 

//Lord, thank you for your blessings!






Clare Moon
Reply February 17, 2017

What a great idea, I'm totally making one for mutt family!

    Kiva Roussel
    Reply February 21, 2017

    Yay! Clare, that is so awesome! Thank you for reading and commenting! xoxo

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