Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

 2017 is sure to be filled with lots of joy because I am participating in another 12 month Scripture Memory Challenge! I did this back in 2015 and am so happy to be doing it again.

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to document my Scripture Memory journey. If you go through some of my old posts you will see that the majority of my writing was about what God was showing me through the 24 verses I chose!  It was such a rewarding experience. Once again, God proved to me that His word is life changing. Honestly, my life has changed through the power of the bible!

  With that being said, among other things this year on my blog, I will be sharing the scriptures I’ve chosen for 2017 and what God is revealing to me!

On January 1st I chose Psalm 18:1 to kick off the year.

“I love you fervently and devotedly; O Lord, my strength.” Psalm 18:1.

I chose this verse for one very important reason. I wanted to set a tone between me and God as the year began. I wanted to show Him that before anything else, I love Him and I’m devoted to Him. Sometimes I feel like my conversations with God are only one way. I’m constantly asking God to do this for me, fix that for me, pay this for me, remove that for me. Oh man, it’s so easy to have a selfish heart sometimes.

So that is where I’m at! I’m laying the foundation for 2017 saying, “I am determined to love God with complete loyalty and passion.”

//Lord, thank you for your word! Thank you for helping us remember what it says in the times we need it. Give us the desire to learn more about you this year.

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