The Best Way To End Your Year

Merry Christmas!

I’m here today to give you a little bit of encouragement as you close out your year! 🙂

Throughout this blog you’ve heard me talk a lot about the importance of memory and how our mind effects pretty much everything we do. I can say with full confidence that what we think about determines what we believe. If we fixate on negativity we will wind up feeling depressed and stressed. But if we lock our minds on God’s word and His truth, He will give us peace.

If you’re anything like me and you’ve let your mind spiral down a rabbit’s hole far too many times, I want to promise you something. If you close out your year by looking at your life through God’s eyes, you will see that it is filled with so much more good than bad.

Yesterday I felt a bit discouraged. My mind starting spinning as I thought about what happened in this last year. Like many of you, there were times of great pain and loss. And for that first split second, my mind ran straight toward the negative.

But I’ve been down that dead end road too many times to let myself stay there that long. I did something I want to encourage you to do as well. I made a list! In one column I wrote down the losses of this year. In the next column I wrote down everything I gained and everything I kept. And guess what? My second column was so much longer than my first! 🙂

If we give the enemy the power he wants to have over our minds, he will run with it. He will blow up your problems into a world catastrophic event. He will highlight your pain leading you to believe you will never recover. But I’m here to remind you that greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.

I believe the best way to end our year is to acknowledge how good God has been throughout it.

I pray a blessing over you and your family. May God give you a 2017 that is absolutely incredible.

From my family to yours- Merry Christmas!

Love, Kiva

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