Why Are The Last Steps The Hardest To Take?


Yesterday I was driving and saw a thick cloud hiding the top 1/3 of a mountain near my house. Since I’ve lived in the same area my whole life and seen that mountain thousands of times, I knew the summit was just beyond that cloud. But that got me thinking- if I’d never seen that mountain before, I would have no clue where the peak actually was.

For some reason, this mountain reminded me of my past. And when I saw it, this sentence came to me out of nowhere.

“What got you here, will get you there.”

I said it over and over in my mind.

“What got me here, will get me there.”

I believe that is true for all of us.


Let me paint a picture…
At the base of our mountain we have to make a choice.  “Am I going to stare at this thing or actually climb it?”

If we choose to climb, we’re headed for a journey with an unknown finish date. 🙂 After we take that first step of faith the real work begins. But the good news is that after climbing for awhile we get the reward of looking over our shoulder and seeing how far we’ve come! We see God’s hand saving us from each slipping rock and each branch that would have broken. This is the part of the climb where we begin to feel proud of ourselves. We understand that our past was strategic to getting us to this point. But only moments after our revelation, our pride dissipates as we look up and see that thick cloud still covering the summit. It dawns on us… we still have such a long way to go.
The most challenging part of  any climb is the last 1/3. It’s so temping to quit at the very end.

I’m climbing several mountains in my life right now. Each one covered by a thick cloud that blocks me from seeing the peak. I honestly don’t know how much further I have to climb until I reach my destination.

But I believe that what got me here, will get me there. And I believe the same for you.
God will use our past to bless our future. We just have to tighten up our laces and keep the same determination and faith that got us to this point on our mountain.

If we allow Him, God will use each step we take as a building block for where He wants us to go.

So today, let’s thank Him for the climb. Let’s thank Him for the truth that what God starts, He always finishes. (Philippians 1:6)

// Thank you Lord for the ability you give us to climb steep mountains. We know you’re behind us, gently pushing our backs to motivate us to keep walking. We know you’re in front of us, holding our hand, guiding each step. Lord, I pray each person reading this is infused with determination to keep pressing forward to reach the top of their Everest.


Meghan Buckner
Reply December 7, 2016

love this sweet kiva!!!! Miss you girl

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