How to Create a “Blessings Jar”

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Have you ever had “fear-induced amnesia?” I totally have.

This is the type of forgetfulness that happens each time panic sets in. All previous knowledge and reason flies out the window and you forget what you actually know! 🙂

 What I’ve realized throughout my adult life is that if I do not intentionally recall how good God’s been to me, I am prone to anxiety when new problems arise.

In my last post I mentioned how our memories hold significant power. Memories can either help us or hurt us. When you look back into your past, what do you remember? The good times or the bad? The highs or the lows?

It’s vital for us to purposefully remember the ways God has blessed us- because if we don’t- our brains will have a funny way of only fixating on negativity.

So to combat this problem, over the last several years I’ve been “writing down my blessings” and keeping them in an old coffee tin. I decided to make a conscious choice to record the good things that happen to me throughout the year. The big stuff and the small stuff.

When I’m having a difficult day and fear clouds my memories, I go to my “Blessings Jar,” open it up and read all the examples of how God’s been there for me so far this year. I can open each note and see the amazing things God has brought me through, saved me from, and blessed me with.

It is so easy to forget what He’s carried us through when our minds panic and we forget what He’s already done.

Making a “Blessings Jar” is super simple. 🙂 You won’t need to buy a thing and it will take you under 5 minutes to do.

How to Make a Blessings Jar in 3 Quick Steps

How to Make a Blessings Jar in 3 Quick Steps

  1. Grab an old coffee tin, your favorite wrapping paper, tape and scissors. 2.

  2. Cut the wrapping paper to match the size of your tin.

  3. Tape on the paper and voila’!

You are officially a crafting-Pinterest-genius.

I can’t recommend this enough. It has blessed me so much throughout the years! I love looking through old tins and remembering what God has done in my past.

I make my new jar for the upcoming year the week of Christmas (that’s why all my pictures above have Christmas decorations in the background!) And my husband and I have a fun tradition where we read our current jar every New Years Day. It’s awesome to see how many great things God does within a year’s timeframe!

So try it! Start this summer- make a “Blessings Jar” and begin writing down your blessings from God.

Write down that great conversation you had with your friend, the beautiful sunset you saw on your drive home from work, the $5 bill you found in your jeans. Every good gift is from God. Every single good thing comes from Him.

Kick “fear-induced amnesia” to the curb by focusing on your blessings! When problems arise throughout the year you can be confident knowing if God’s helped you out before, He will surely do it again!

// Lord, thank you for always being there for us. Help us to recognize the blessings you give us today!


Tim Twombly
Reply August 9, 2016

Your teachings inspire me, make me smile and refresh my spirit.
Your heartfelt messages encourage me to see and experience my life as a gift from God, a treasure chest of opportunities, a gateway to a million perfect moments illuminated by His love. Even in the toughest times I know no circumstance, no prediction made by man, no problem,no obstacle can stop me. I hold on to this truth/ It's not over until God says it's over.

    Reply August 10, 2016

    Yes! Amen! You are incredible and inspire ME daily! So thankful for you. XO

Reply August 9, 2016

I'm going to do this!!!! Thank you for sharing. I want to be more intentional about remembering God's faithfulness!

    Reply August 10, 2016

    Yes! You will love doing this, Melissa! As an artist I know you will have so much fun making one. I'd love to see it on Instagram when you're done! It can be one of your #15minutecreativity projects!

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