Chase Peace


In the wise words of my husband, “There is nothing in the world that feels better than peace.” Peace is that sweet, gentle confidence that God has got you in the palm of His hand. The bible says in Psalm 34:14 that we must “pursue peace” by first craving it, then going after it.

One time I craved Yogurtland so badly I went completely out of my way, crossed five lanes of rush-hour traffic just to make a U-turn into the shopping center so I could get it. Ha! It was an urgent craving that had to be fulfilled! 🙂

If we desperately want God’s peace we must go after it with all our heart. We have got to chase it down, come hell or high water. This is the difference between wanting something and actually pursuing it.

Right before Jesus left Earth to return to heaven He told His disciples that he was going to leave them with the gift of peace. He told them that the Holy Spirit would live inside each believer and that it would be even better than Jesus physically being with them. Back in bible days, Jesus could only be in one place at a time. But now through the Holy Spirit, we get to do life with Him every single day. Here’s the thing- it’s so easy to let peace fall down into the dusty cracks and crevices of our heart. Fear, stress, disillusionment and negativity wind up trampling peace. However, it just takes one good dose of a strong craving to prompt a believer to chase down peace once again. So go with me / imagine / shrink down super tiny and run through your heart. Loop those twists and turns, get on your hands and knees, and reach deep down between those cracks and pick up peace. Dust it off, hold it high above you head and proclaim, “There you are!”

Be filled with faith that what God has given you, God will use in you… and it will actually work.

Ask God to help you pursue peace daily. Keep peace alive and active in your life by eliminating things that egg on anxiety. Enjoy peace with Jesus.

When you’re at you wits-end, go find peace where you left it. Chase it down until you catch it!

// Lord, I pray peace over everyone reading this post. Infuse in them the confidence only You can bring.


Jessy Torrico
Reply June 20, 2016

Thank you for sharing, my dear. Loved this! You have a great talent and I can't wait to read more :)

    Reply June 21, 2016

    Thank you Jessy! I am so, so happy you like it!

Reply June 28, 2016

I'm so glad you shared your blog on Instagram! This is a wonderful post. I'm looking forward to reading more heart-sparks from you. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    Reply June 29, 2016

    Thank you so much Melissa! I am so glad I met you!

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