You Should Go and Love Youself


As Christians we get tend to get very focused on loving others. Are we nice enough? Helpful enough? Selfless enough? Do you st ruggle with this inner striving to “be good,” like I do? Of course we mean well by wanting to love on other people but this kind of outward-living-only can be draining if we forget to love ourselves. Hi! Hello…yes, you. You can love yourself, did you know that? Like, now. You’re allowed to love yourself with where you’re at right now. We can be excited and thankful at how far we’ve come in the midst of our pursuit to be better.

You know that new Justin Beiber song, “Love Yourself?” Although it’s a bit cheesy, I really like the title and the chorus of that song. Obviously Justin Beiber is saying “love yourself” in a sarcastic way. He’s saying, “Man, you really think highly of yourself, I’d rather be alone, so you can just leave and love yourself instead of me.” But I actually think that’s pretty good advice for a lot of Christian women. After outpouring so much of ourselves on other people it’s a beautiful reminder to stop and love who God created us to be.

My sweet friend Sarah Roberts posted something on Instagram the other day that I absolutely fell I love with. As a fitness coach she often takes selfies. And she wrote this under her last picture of herself. “I am so pro selfie. There are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think they are pretty. One of those problems is girls who think they aren’t pretty!” Wise words from a wise Christian woman.

God says that we are his “masterpiece.” (Eph. 2:10) The “apple of his eye.” (Zech 2:8) His “chosen one.” (Col. 3:12) So yes, you should go and love yourself. ♥

// Lord, thank you for creating us. Making each one of us on purpose and for Your purpose.


Reply May 8, 2016

Love this and love your new blog layout! Your photos are so beautiful xxx

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