Looking Back on Thanksgiving


For many reasons this has been my most challenging year. But for just as many reasons it has been my most incredible. Incredible because I’ve seen God work in amazing ways like never before!

In December 2014 I prayed that God would “theme my upcoming year.” After asking Him to show me what that meant I felt Him put on my heart Isaiah 61, “The Year of the Lord’s Favor.” For those of you who are familiar with this chapter in the bible it has the famous verse where God promises to give us, “ A crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” It’s a beautiful passage about God’s transforming power in our lives. It means a great deal to me, especially now, looking back on this year! It really was the year of the Lord’s favor!

When God talks about “grace” in the bible, it literally translates to “God’s unmerited favor.” In simple language, this means that God absolutely loves to bless his children. Every day He handpicks us for good things! Isn’t that amazing?

 God actually plans to bless us! He wants to turn our ashes into beauty. He’s ready to give us joy instead of mourning! This floors me.

So as I look back on last week’s Thanksgiving, I want to say a special “Thank you!” to God. He favored my husband and me so abundantly this year. We really needed it. And He was faithful to deliver His grace.

//Lord, thank you for everyone reading the words you’ve put on my heart. I pray they see your blessings all around them. Thank you for your favor!

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