Don’t Move!


If this trio of images had a caption it would read, “Don’t Move!” in big, bold letters. I want to show you what God revealed to me through these three pictures I took at a plant nursery last week. This encouraged me so much-hope it does the same for you!

Here’s the first picture. For the sake of imagery, pretend you’re the butterfly. You’re in a season of your life where you’re blooming. Wings spread; you’ve finally set into your calling. But just then, you look up…here he comes…the bee! His body language speaks, “I’m comin’ for ya.” You watch him prowling, getting closer each second.


Now look at picture #2. He’s arrived :-/ The enemy is here. He’s plotting to interfere with your calling. You can feel him drawing nearer so you tug your wings close to our body, but you remain planted. You don’t move!


Now look at the last picture! Look at that butterfly- look at her little hand! It’s up in the air as if declaring, “Ah ha! Victory is mine!” as she watches the bee fly away.

When we’re standing in our calling we can be sure that the enemy will attempt to creep in. Throughout our lives, guaranteed, this pattern will happen on repeat. Our callings will change over time. Different seasons will plant us on certain “flowers.” But once we’re in our sweet spot, finally hunkered down into it, the enemy will try to disrupt us.
God has a great piece of advice on what todo when this undoubtedly happens. (Mark 5:36 & James 4:7)

God’s tip: Just ignore the enemy and do not move.

My favorite bible teacher always says that, “The smartest thing you can do is to outlast the devil.” Yes, yes, yes!

We see in the pictures that the butterfly didn’t try to fight the bee. She outlasted him. She drew in tight, closed up her wings, planted firm into that flower and stood strong until the bee gave up and flew away.

Let’s be as determined as the butterfly. That no matter what situation, life circumstance, or outside pressure we’re facing let’s stand tall on the things God’s called us to do.

Even when you’re scared of being stung…Don’t move!

// Lord, thank you for giving us strength as we stand tall in the midst of fear. Remind us that you’re always with us, helping us fulfill our callings!

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