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Hi everyone! I just did something really fun! 🙂

As I sat down to write tonight, I decided to look up some creative writing prompts first. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what those are, it’s basically a list of questions or suggestions of topics to write about to inspire you. It’s a great way to get your mind flowing creatively before you pen your actual piece. The list I found tonight had some of the best prompts I’ve ever read. It had questions such as,

“What does #YOLO mean to you and why?”
“You just completed your 300 page autobiography. What does it say on page 217?”

After reading this list of awesome questions to respond to I chose to answer this one…
”What is your Top 10 List?”

My Top 10 List? Hmm…Now this is going to be fun.
So that’s what I just did. I sat here for thirty minutes and wrote out my top 10 favorite things on earth. The list included my love for chocolate and coffee, as well as Jesus and my husband. It had deep answers with long drawn out explanations as well as silly sentences no one but me would understand. It was a blast to write about and once again humbled me before God. I had 10 things on that list that I loved dearly. Each one a gift from God. I’m thankful tonight for my Top 10.

So let me ask you the same question, “What’s on your Top 10 List?”

// Lord, thank you for the gifts you’ve given us. Tangible gifts such as people and things as well as gifts we can only feel, like love and acceptance. Your gifts are all around us and we’re so grateful!

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