My Obsession


I have a confession… I am fully, completely, inexcusably obsessed with peace. 🙂
A few years ago I learned about the biblical importance of having peace with yourself, peace with others, and peace with God. It changed my life to say the least. After realizing God loves this lifestyle from His children, I started actively pursuing daily peace. What “daily peace” means to me is to take an inventory every day of the condition of my heart. Am I at war in any way with these three groups? Do I have any strife with myself? Conflict with someone? Any bitterness toward God? Doing a daily check-up helps me see if there are any issues creeping in that will likely deplete my peace.
These days I have become so sensitive to peace that I can immediately tell when I’m in strife. Whether it be between me and myself, me and a person or between me and God.
Do you know the verse Isaiah 26:3? It says, “You will give her perfect peace when her mind is fixed on You.”
This verse is talking about the cause and effect relationship between our focused attention on God and how it gives us peace.

Stay focused on God = You will have God’s perfect peace.

Jesus is the owner of peace. (John 4:27) And since we have access to all things Jesus has access to as believers, this means we can have perfect peace when our thoughts stay fixed on Him.

Here are a few examples from my own personal life that always make me lose my peace:
1. Not spending daily quality time with God / When I don’t put Him first, I always wind up operating in my own strength. This leads me into frustration and weariness.

2. Making bad choices for entertainment / I’ve written about this before. Music and TV/movies greatly affect my moods and mindset. Toxic lyrics and visuals will get stuck in my head if I allow myself to be entertained by it. This always drains my peace.

3. Worry / When I spend my time worrying instead of praying I instantly lose my peace. I get trapped in my head and feel in strife with God, myself and other people.

But there’s good news! I know these three symptoms like the back of my hand! These things have happened to me time and time again. So now I recognize them right when they start. My prayer is to do the opposite of these three things so I always maintain the peace God has given me.
1. Focus on Jesus.
2. Be mindful in what I allow myself to watch and listen to.
3. Spend time in prayer.

What are a few ways that you notice yourself going from peace to panic? These three are just a few examples where I feel my mind shifting from Jesus to my own strength. Can you relate?

I pray you have a peace filled week! I’m focusing on keeping my mind fixed on Him! He is the giver of peace and He longs for us to live in it.

// Lord, I pray peace over everyone reading this. Thank you for your love!

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