A Poet and I Didn’t Know It


Have you ever written a poem? I think I remember writing my first one in 6th grade. Some sort of haiku that made no sense- but at least I held firm to the three line requirement! Hehe!

The other night after doing my quiet time I was inspired by something I read in a devotional workbook I own. The author wrote one line that caught my eye and ignited a flurry of sentences in my heart. I wrote them down and realized that in a way, it kind of looked like a poem. Nothing rhymes and there’s no exact format, but to me it feels like a poem to God. 🙂

So my encouragement to you today is to pour out your heart to God on paper. It’s so freeing to write your feelings down. Give it a try, you may just be a poet and you didn’t even know it!

In Him

In His hands
I am held

In His heart
I am loved

In His Truth
I find direction

In His footsteps
I find my path

In His arms
I am comforted

In His timing
I gain understanding

In His presence
I feel His peace

In His faithfulness
I am fulfilled.

// Lord, here is an authentic poem to you. Thank you for not being distant. Thank you for being a close friend we can talk to and share our heart with. We love you!

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