The Sound of Surrender


My husband is the king of “sound effects.” He can make the sound of a motorcycle whizzing by perfectly- as well as a backing up garbage truck, a sports car, a helicopter- you name it. He’s a professional mouthmade sound maker! 🙂 Over the years of hearing him make these noises I find myself doing the same thing all the time when I’m trying to describe something! This morning I started cracking up when I realized I made the most hilarious and strange sound effect when I was talking to God about my desire to surrender more to Him. My mouth noise went something like this, “Crrriirk, woooshhh.” (Yes, I am weird!!) What I was describing to God was my longing for Him to break off anything that’s keeping me from experiencing all He has for my life (the cracking, breaking noise.) Then showing God I’m ready to be launched and accelerated into the greatness He has for me (which was my wind blowing, “woosh” noise.) Haha!

It’s all about surrendering to God. It’s all about letting Him rule in every part of our lives. Not just putting Him in a “Sunday morning church box” and praying before we eat a meal. It’s about letting Him be the Lord of every part of our day and every decision we make. It sounds intimidating and a little scary, I know. But God wants us to do this because He’s ready and able to give us the most incredible life filled with blessings! Most people don’t go into this deep relationship with God because they are afraid that if they let Him be in control of their lives that God will make things more difficult / less fun / more rules, etc! This, I promise you, is just not true. The more we surrender to God and include him in our daily life the more encouraged, blessed and happy we will be! Luke 9:24 says, “Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever looses his life for My sake will save it!” This proves that the abundant life we all want can only happen through a life lived for God.

So that’s where I’m at this morning. Coming humbly to God once again, surrendering to His plans. I’m ready for the “crrriik” of God breaking off the mindsets and habits I have that prevent me from trusting Him fully, so I can “woosh” full-speed-ahead into all the blessings He has for me!

Join me girls. Let’s lay it all out there
for Him and trust that through our surrender He will fulfill every desire of our heart!

// Lord, I want to thank you for the incredible women who read this blog. They are precious in my heart! Help us surrender this week. Give us the confidence to simply say “yes” to You.

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