The Happy Week :) The Power of Memory


Good morning everyone! I thought I would title this week “The Happy Week” and post a few ways God can lift our spirit!

One way God loves to bring us happiness is through our memory. Remembering what God has done in our past is such an incredible gift! However, most people remember what they should forget and forget what they should remember! It’s so easy to fixate on a negative memory verses remembering something positive. But God loves it when we do the exact opposite!

I did a little experiment that I want to share with you.
Before you go to sleep tonight look back over your day. Play it like a movie in your mind and only focus on the positive things that happened. If you remember something negative- push the fast forward button and skip that part. 🙂 Just focus on the positive! Now start searching for God in each part of your day. Since you’re seeing in hindsight, look for the times where He showed up!

Go through the great conversation you had with your friend at lunch…do you see God?
He was right there with you!

Review the encouraging words from your co-worker…did you feel God?
He used those words to show you He loves you!

Think about the text message that made you smile…do you recognize God?
He knew you needed that text at that moment.

Relive the sunset you saw as you drove home….See God?
He was displaying His beauty to you right there in your car!

Anything! Go though any little, positive thing and remember it.

Reliving our “God moments” is a powerful tool He wants us to use. When you get a chance, check out Deuteronomy 8. It’s an amazing chapter in the bible that talks all about the importance of remembering what God has done. Line after line, Moses reminds the Israelites the incredible things God has done for them throughout their lives. Miracles such as freeing them from slavery, providing food for them in the wilderness, protecting them from danger, and keeping their clothing from wearing out! Literally!! God kept these people’s clothes in tact for 40 years as they wandered through the wilderness!! Even with so much proof that God loved them and was right there with them, many of the Israelites still doubted God’s goodness and His abilities. The Israelites forgot the countless miracles He performed.
If you practice this lifestyle of remembering the things God has blessed you with, I guarantee you will feel happy! Having a thankful heart is the key to joy. And the only way we become thankful is if we look back on our life and acknowledge God’s goodness in each day! I want to encourage you to remember the amazing things God did for you yesterday. And tonight, replay today’s movie! If it helps to organize your thoughts, you can even write it down. Allow God to fill you with joy as you relive him working in your life!

// Good morning God! Thank you for always being there for us! You’ve been in our past, you’re in our present, and you will be in our future. If our hearts get overwhelmed with fear or stress, gently remind us of all the times you’ve carried us through!
We remember your goodness today!!

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