The Happy Week :) Falling in Love with Your Quiet Time


The subject I’m talking about today holds such a special place in my heart. It is, hands down, the reason I am who I am today. It has saved me over and over again and I know will continue to be my lifeline. What am I talking about exactly? I’m talking about a Quiet Time.

I started doing daily Quiet Times when I was 17. I heard a message at church one night about the power in spending quality time with God and how people call it a “Quiet Time.” I went home that night, opened my journal and spent an authentic hour with God.
It changed my life!

From that night on, I dove in headfirst. I started spending regular time with God and immediately felt the benefits. It was so awesome to watch my heart grow closer to my Creator. I went from “knowing about Him” to deeply “knowing Him!” And it was all through the power of spending simple time with God. These days I have completely fallen in love with my Quiet Time. I love studying the Word, journaling, praying, and soaking up God’s presence.
In my darkest of days, doing a Quiet Time has lifted me up.
In my moments of joy it has been my time of praise.
In my hours of confusion it has brought me direction.
It is my mood lifter like no other! It . makes . me . happy!!

Taking time out of my day to connect with God brings me back to my roots. It gets me re-grounded in truth when my mind goes spinning in 10 different directions. And most importantly, it helps me get my mind off myself and back on God! The bible says that God hears our prayers and loves to answer us when we call out to Him! (Psalm 34:4) He also loves it when we just sit in His presence and enjoy Him!

I want to encourage you to spend alone time with Jesus every single day. I promise it will change your life! You can structure it any way you want! Just spend time with our Heavenly Father and watch Him fill you with joy.

// Lord, thank you for being a God who we can talk to and connect with! We are so grateful that we can come to you as our friend and spend time with You. I pray that each of us will grow closer to You as we spend daily time in Your presence.

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