“Make Me” Monday


My mind keeps thinking about the story of the “Prodigal Son” today. This famous biblical story is packed with so much truth we could discuss it for an entire month! But today I’m focused on the middle section of the story. The part where the son’s heart is transformed from an attitude of “give me” to a heart that says please, “make me.” For everyone who isn’t familiar with the “Prodigal Son” let me summarize it for you.

It’s a story about a young man who asks his dad to “give him” his inheritance (even though his father is still alive) and then recklessly wastes it all. When the son realizes his foolishness he returns to his father’s house and asks him to just “make him” a servant. The dad does something not many parents would do. Overflowing with joy, he runs toward his son, embraces him, and throws a huge party to celebrate his homecoming! He makes no mention of where the money went and accepts him back as a son.
The beauty behind that section of scripture is that within just a few sentences we witness a young man radically changed.

The son went from an entitled mindset of “give me” to a heart that says please, “make me.” Although the dad did not actually end up making the son his servant (he accepted him back as a worthy son) – it was all about the willingness of the young man’s heart to be transformed. In the beginning of the story, he operated out of selfishness. But by the end of the story he was a changed man. And out of that humble decision, God blessed him abundantly.

The Prodigal Son was recorded in the bible to teach us something. God wants us to go from people who demand Him to give us stuff – to people who say to God, “Please make me all that you want me to be.”

Let’s make today, a “Make Me” Monday! What do you want God to make you into today? Let’s forget about our demands and instead do something very counter-culture. Let’s ask God to make us into the type of people we dream to be. Let’s focus less on getting and more on growing. Today I’m asking God to “make me” a woman who’s focused on being a blessing to others. It’s so easy to get distracted by daily trails. My heart really longs to be someone who cares more about other people and less about myself!

I think it would be really awesome if every few Mondays we had a “Make Me” Monday. We each can choose something we believe God wants to “make us” into and let that be the focus of our week! I believe, just like the Prodigal Son, that when our heart is focused on “make me,” instead of “give me” – God blesses us more than we could ever imagine!

//Lord, thank you for being like the dad in the story of the Prodigal Son! No matter how many times we’ve messed up or had an entitled mindset of “give me” – you always come running toward us in acceptance! I pray we take this upcoming week and focus on what we believe you want to “make us” into.

Ps…Since we’re all new at this, I thought I would write down a few suggestions for
“Make Me” Monday.
Maybe you want God to make you into a generous woman. A forgiving woman. A woman who is focused on being a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser. A content woman.
Or a woman who is filled with hope!

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